Releasing August 17th, 2022


A goddess by design.

A soldier born with the powers of the mage.

Together they must unite if they are to rise from the ashes of a shared betrayal. 

Raised in isolation, Nix is innocent. She has a pure soul, but also a very powerful one. Born with a magic both terrible and beautiful, Nix can’t help but feel like she’s missing something. When a mage-born soldier comes for her, she struggles to understand their connection. He offers her protection as well as answers. But will he help her rise? Or will he be her ultimate downfall?

Mage blood runs thin in their world, magic becoming weaker with every generation. Caleb is one of the rare few born with both strength and purpose. When his grandfather tells him an incredible tale of gods, war, and betrayal, Caleb has no choice but to seek out the one who can make things right. But when the terrible truth is revealed, will Caleb choose his family … or his fate?