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How many books will be in the Elemental Paladins series?2019-07-09T13:40:42+10:00

I am planning for 7 books in total for the series. Book 5 is like a special edition and will have no new love interest. It will instead be the conclusion to the main story arc regarding Max – where she came from, why she’s here etc. There will be a few chapters dedicated to each character (including those who don’t have their own book yet).

Will every paladin get their own book?2019-07-09T13:40:43+10:00

Yes. Every paladin will be getting their own book. At first, Beyden and Axel were not going to get books. I thought it would be more realistic if not every member of the family met and fell in love in such quick succession. However, after numerous violent threats from readers regarding Axel and Beyden not getting their own happily ever after, I am happy to say they also have books in the works. Beyden will be book 6. Axel will be book 7.

What do the domain/elemental symbols look like?2019-07-09T13:40:43+10:00

These are the individual symbols with the colours associated with their auras/souls. You can also see the ‘loyalty brand’ in black and white.

Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
Montana Ash: Paranormal & Fantasy Author
What does Max’s heraldry/coat of arms look like?2019-07-09T13:40:43+10:00

It looks like a wicked, full sleeve tattoo from shoulder to wrist – a series of black and grey lines interwoven to form a mixture of vines, branches, thorns, flames, feathers, and waves. The druidic symbols for the 7 domains/elements are interspersed throughout the whole sleeve, with the only hint of colour being the symbol to match the paladin’s element in the middle of the forearm. I’m sorry to say, I don’t have an image that does it justice. But I would love to have an artist draw it for me.

Will there be any spin-off series for any of the other characters like; Nikolai, Caspian, Blu, or Mordecai?2019-07-09T13:40:43+10:00

I’m focusing on getting the whole Elemental Paladins series completed first. But if any other characters start talking … well, never say never.

What other books do you have planned?2019-07-09T13:40:43+10:00

I am planning to release a new series very soon called The Reluctant Royals. This series is cheekily mentioned in the Elemental Paladins as Max’s graphic novels. Book one will feature Sabre, the woman on the tattoo on Max’s back. I also have a standalone in a whole new genre releasing in 2017. It is a paranormal romance, reverse harem, polyamorous novel. Check out my ‘Upcoming Releases’ page for more information on what’s coming soon. And remember to sign up to my newsletter, Montana’s Memos for all the latest goss.

Where do you get your ideas?2019-07-09T13:40:44+10:00

Honestly? I have absolutely no clue! I have constant daydreams or movie reels running through my head. I don’t tend to have many ‘empty head’ moments where it’s just me in there. I have so many worlds and so many characters rattling around. I just write what’s already up there.

Do you write full-time?2019-07-09T13:40:44+10:00

No. I work full-time as an embryologist and genetic counsellor in an IVF clinic and I write in my spare time.

Where are you from?2019-07-09T13:40:44+10:00

I am from a smallish town in New South Wales, Australia with a population of 24,000. I returned to my hometown after a decade away at university, working, and travelling.

Where did the pen name, Montana Ash, come from?2019-07-09T13:40:44+10:00

It’s a very deep and philosophical name … Nah – just kidding! Montana is my cat’s name and Ashby is my dog’s name.

What does your writing process look like?2019-07-09T13:40:44+10:00

Chaos! Absolute chaos! I write scene by scene as they come to me and then stitch them all together like a patchwork quilt. I never write chapter one first. In fact, I have always written the final chapter of each book first.

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