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Name: Ryker Emberson
Status: Paladin, Captain
Domain: Life
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’4
Eye colour: Deep brown
Hair colour: Black
Age: 205
Nationality: English
Nickname: Ry, Inmate
Significant other: Max
Background: Born and raised in England and was originally in the Order of Ember. His liege, Flint, and his entire Order were killed in the Great Massacre fifty years ago. Ryker began running the Lodge, the training centre for the new paladin recruits. He was bequeathed land and monies from his previous liege, and established a ‘camp’ for other lost, dishonoured and downtrodden knights.

You look like shit. – Warden, pg. 16

Aurora. You know, like the Aurora Borealis? The Northern Lights? I saw it once. Like a floating rainbow; a coloured road of mist in the sky. Purples, pinks and blues swirling in the atmosphere. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Your eyes looked like that when you were having your nightmare. – Warden, pg. 129

The only person you’re going to be sitting on is me! – Warden, pg. 168

No. Because you call Darius dude, and cook special meals just for Beyden. Because you stand up for the rights of wardens you don’t even know and talk to slater bugs. Because you defend the honour of a too-honourable man and heal the scars of a wounded face … and a wounded soul … Because you belong to me and I belong to you. – Warden, pg. 262

Name: Max
Status: Spoiler!
Domain: Spoiler!
Order: Aurora
Height: 5’3
Eye colour: Turquoise
Hair colour: Deep, dark red
Age: 40 … something
Nationality: Australian
Nickname: Max
Significant other: Ryker
Background: Constantly on the move, Max had no memory of anything before she woke up on the streets of Sydney, Australia when she was around fourteen years old. She suffers from seizures when she is stressed, tired, or sick. She has been stalked by the chades for years without understanding why, or who they are, or who she is. Max is a graphic novelist and sleeps with a Japanese tanto sword, she lovingly calls Joy.

Look at this hand here. Picture it loaded with all my wants and needs and deep, deep desires … Now look at this hand, but this time picture it filled with a great big pile of gorilla shit. Now which one do you think I’m likely to get more of? … Because past history dictates that I’m getting the primate turd. – Warden, pg. 51

I just saw Ryker’s meatcicle. – Warden, pg. 101

Would you like me to squeeze your neck so hard that blood starts to leak from your dick slit? – Warden, pg. 252

I’m not interested in anything you or your fellow haemorrhoids have to say. In fact, I don’t want to even look at you, because honestly? All I see are skid marks. – Warden, pg. 251

… I couldn’t survive you Ryker. I know I couldn’t. I think you are the one thing in this world that could ruin me. So please don’t do this. Leave me be. – Warden, pg. 237

Name: Lark
Status: Paladin
Domain: Earth
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’0
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Auburn
Age: 31
Nationality: Australian
Nickname: Lark
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Lark was born in Australia and is the youngest and shortest in the Order. He has been living at the camp for ten years, as well as working at the training Lodge. He has never been in any previous Order as he was deemed unfit. He is the happiest-natured of the group and loves to be outside in the gardens. He is a massive book geek and has a room just for his books.

Look we all know you two have chemistry. The air practically lights up whenever you’re in the same room. But she’s not for you, man. – Warden, pg. 189

You’re going to make me very angry if you continue that sentence. – Warden, pg. 234

I said, we let this one go. – Warden, pg. 240

Our weapons, our fists, our skills are only to be used to protect that which is sacred or those who are weaker … so, yes. I just let them beat me. – Warden, pg. 245

I hereby swear fealty to you Max, Warden of Life. I pledge finite service, protection, loyalty and honour to you, my liege and my Order. This is my solemn wish and I do so freely without reservation. – Warden, pg. 254

Name: Ivy
Status: Ranger
Domain: Earth
Order: None
Height: 5’5
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Black
Age: 160
Nationality: Japanese/Spanish
Nickname: None
Significant other: Lark
Background: Ivy is a Ranger. Rangers are notoriously lone wolves, working within their five-man unit only when absolutely necessary to track, capture, or kill chades – the plague of their society. As a ranger, she is also responsible for policing and punishing the paladins and even wardens when they commit crimes. She would say she is an anti-social loner who prefers her own company and finds the social airs of their society tiresome and distasteful. Beyden is her younger brother. Nikolai is her direct superior and her best friend.

All the mushy, warm-fuzzies must be like an airborne virus or something,

And you think this is right? This house full of crazy knights, a mysterious Custodian, a half-chade-half-warden, and a dog called Zombie? In what world is that right?

Yes, I have a problem with Lark. Why wouldn’t I have a problem walking neck-deep into enemy territory with a kid who’s young enough to be their son? A kid who lives to smile and joke and please others. I mean, come on, Dex! He probably doesn’t even have callouses!

Name: Diana Tru
Status: Paladin
Domain: Death
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 5’9
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Black, curly
Age: 899
Nationality: Portuguese
Nickname: Di/Azrael
Significant other: Darius
Background: Diana was born in Portugal and is the second oldest member of the Order. She was bound for over five hundred years to the same liege, Verity, and was in the Order of Truth. Her Order and liege were killed in the Great Massacre fifty years ago. Although, she works at the Lodge as a trainer, she also acts as a consultant to law enforcement all around the globe. She likes the finer things in life, including clothes, and is bold and strong and intelligent. She has been living at the camp for thirty years.

Oh, now you’re just trying to tease me. – Warden, pg. 182

Orgasm? Why were there orgasms? – Warden, pg. 183

I don’t want to hear it. She is a Warden and you are all paladins. Regardless of your histories your duty is first and foremost to see to the health of wardens. You should have forced the issue, found a way to get her to accept and understand. The lack is with you, not with Max. – Warden, pg. 213

Pardon me while my knees go weak! – Warden, pg. 243

No you’re not … You’re seeing souls. – Warden, pg. 277

Name: Dex
Status: Spoiler!
Domain: Spoiler!
Order: None
Height: 6 ‘3
Eye colour: Dark hazel
Hair colour: Black
Age: 1400
Nationality: French
Nickname: Dex
Significant other: Cali
Background: Spoilers! Sorry, you have to read Chade for more info …

It is my duty and my honour to guard my domain faithfully and to ensure balance is maintained in nature. Right now it isn’t. Nature is disrupted by its guardian’s turning against it. They have no-one to fight for them. I won’t forsake them.

Geez, sweetheart. The romance of the moment is overwhelming.

You best be careful, saying those words to a boy who’s never heard them before. He’s likely to believe you.

Name: Darius Magne
Status: Paladin, Second in Command
Domain: Air
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’3
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Dark brown, wavy
Age: 1300
Nationality: French
Nickname: Dare
Significant other: Diana
Background: Born in France in the 8th century AD, Darius served under the same liege for over one thousand years, until honour dictated he resign his position approximately sixty years ago. His old liege was an Air Warden and his Order was called the Order of Peers. He is a scholar at heart and astronomy is his passion. He is a stickler for rules and a gentleman to his core.

You’re coming with us. – Warden, pg. 18

That is not the scout pledge. That is the ‘live long and prosper’ sign from Star Trek. – Warden, pg. 108

Sorry, Max. I didn’t mean it like that. I think Max is a great name. Really suits you. – Warden, pg. 129

You are! You are my damage, Max! – Warden, pg. 278

Name: Cali (Calipso) Tune
Status: Paladin
Domain: Water
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 5’11
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde, straight
Age: 149
Nationality: Swedish
Nickname: Cali
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Born in Sweden, Cali was one of the youngest ever paladins to be bound into an Order. She served under the same liege for almost one hundred years and was in the Order of Neptune. They were a somewhat nomadic Order, always on the move. She loves to swim and jog and her favourite part of the day is watching the boys stretch through the kitchen window after the morning workout.

You know, sometimes they come inside like that. Just bypass the shower and sit right down at this table here, naked and sweaty. – Warden, pg. 60

Why are you surprised Ry?” Cali asked. “Did you see the breasts on the woman? I mean, jeez, talk about a handful. – Warden, pg. 68

You haven’t had the privilege of seeing him when he’s around our warden here. I think all of his blood settles in his giant rig Max just described and his brain finds it impossible to function at an adult level. – Warden, pg. 184

That’s because he’s been in a state of constant arousal since he met you. A chronic stiffy is bound to make any man a little cranky. – Warden, pg. 242

Name: Beyden
Status: Paladin
Domain: Beast
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’4
Eye colour: Amber
Hair colour: Brown, long
Age: 42
Nationality: Spanish
Nickname: Bey
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Born in Spain, Beyden is the second youngest paladin in the camp, but also one of the tallest. He has never been in any Order as he was deemed unfit. He is the sweetheart of the group, is a vegetarian, and is a wine connoisseur. He is also a very fine dancer! Although, he is absolutely lethal in combat, he would have been quite content to never fight a day in his life.

Duh? Did you just say duh? … Did she just say duh? – Warden, pg. 31

Jeez, Max. Paladins don’t go around wiping … you know. – Warden, pg. 108

Why are you mad? Did you get your period? – Warden, pg. 124

He’s wooing you. – Warden, pg. 243

Holy shit! … You’re not seeing auras. – Warden, pg. 277

Name: Axel Brim
Status: Paladin
Domain: Fire
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’3
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blond (dirty)
Age: 118
Nationality: Australian
Nickname: Axe
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Born in Australia, Axel trained at the Lodge where he now works until he was bound to his first liege in the Order of Brimstone. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Axel was forced to leave his first Order. He plays the piano with the skill of a true artist and is cocky, irreverent, rebellious and a shameless flirt.

I like you … I like her. – Warden, pg. 19

Um, are we all just going to pretend we didn’t hear her call Sir Darius here, ‘Dude’? – Warden, pg. 28

I mean shit, Ry. She’s a fucking warden. What were you thinking? – Warden, pg. 120

Babe, if I was going to jump back on the wagon for anyone, it would be you. But that part of my life is over. I’m sorry. – Warden, pg. 141

Isn’t it obvious? We all heard the cyclone going on in his room … He fucked her. – Warden, pg. 188

Ryker’s a prick! He’s pig-headed, opinionated, sarcastic and violent. – Warden, pg. 242

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