Name: Max
Status: Spoiler!
Domain: Spoiler!
Order: Aurora
Height: 5’3
Eye colour: Turquoise
Hair colour: Deep, dark red
Age: 40 … something
Nationality: Australian
Nickname: Max
Significant other: Ryker
Background: Constantly on the move, Max had no memory of anything before she woke up on the streets of Sydney, Australia when she was around fourteen years old. She suffers from seizures when she is stressed, tired, or sick. She has been stalked by the chades for years without understanding why, or who they are, or who she is. Max is a graphic novelist and sleeps with a Japanese tanto sword, she lovingly calls Joy.

Look at this hand here. Picture it loaded with all my wants and needs and deep, deep desires … Now look at this hand, but this time picture it filled with a great big pile of gorilla shit. Now which one do you think I’m likely to get more of? … Because past history dictates that I’m getting the primate turd. – Warden, pg. 51

I just saw Ryker’s meatcicle. – Warden, pg. 101

Would you like me to squeeze your neck so hard that blood starts to leak from your dick slit? – Warden, pg. 252

I’m not interested in anything you or your fellow haemorrhoids have to say. In fact, I don’t want to even look at you, because honestly? All I see are skid marks. – Warden, pg. 251

… I couldn’t survive you Ryker. I know I couldn’t. I think you are the one thing in this world that could ruin me. So please don’t do this. Leave me be. – Warden, pg. 237