Name: Lark
Status: Paladin
Domain: Earth
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’0
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Auburn
Age: 31
Nationality: Australian
Nickname: Lark
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Lark was born in Australia and is the youngest and shortest in the Order. He has been living at the camp for ten years, as well as working at the training Lodge. He has never been in any previous Order as he was deemed unfit. He is the happiest-natured of the group and loves to be outside in the gardens. He is a massive book geek and has a room just for his books.

Look we all know you two have chemistry. The air practically lights up whenever you’re in the same room. But she’s not for you, man. – Warden, pg. 189

You’re going to make me very angry if you continue that sentence. – Warden, pg. 234

I said, we let this one go. – Warden, pg. 240

Our weapons, our fists, our skills are only to be used to protect that which is sacred or those who are weaker … so, yes. I just let them beat me. – Warden, pg. 245

I hereby swear fealty to you Max, Warden of Life. I pledge finite service, protection, loyalty and honour to you, my liege and my Order. This is my solemn wish and I do so freely without reservation. – Warden, pg. 254