Name: Ivy
Status: Ranger
Domain: Earth
Order: None
Height: 5’5
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Black
Age: 160
Nationality: Japanese/Spanish
Nickname: None
Significant other: Lark
Background: Ivy is a Ranger. Rangers are notoriously lone wolves, working within their five-man unit only when absolutely necessary to track, capture, or kill chades – the plague of their society. As a ranger, she is also responsible for policing and punishing the paladins and even wardens when they commit crimes. She would say she is an anti-social loner who prefers her own company and finds the social airs of their society tiresome and distasteful. Beyden is her younger brother. Nikolai is her direct superior and her best friend.

All the mushy, warm-fuzzies must be like an airborne virus or something,

And you think this is right? This house full of crazy knights, a mysterious Custodian, a half-chade-half-warden, and a dog called Zombie? In what world is that right?

Yes, I have a problem with Lark. Why wouldn’t I have a problem walking neck-deep into enemy territory with a kid who’s young enough to be their son? A kid who lives to smile and joke and please others. I mean, come on, Dex! He probably doesn’t even have callouses!