Name: Cali (Calipso) Tune
Status: Paladin
Domain: Water
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 5’11
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde, straight
Age: 149
Nationality: Swedish
Nickname: Cali
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Born in Sweden, Cali was one of the youngest ever paladins to be bound into an Order. She served under the same liege for almost one hundred years and was in the Order of Neptune. They were a somewhat nomadic Order, always on the move. She loves to swim and jog and her favourite part of the day is watching the boys stretch through the kitchen window after the morning workout.

You know, sometimes they come inside like that. Just bypass the shower and sit right down at this table here, naked and sweaty. – Warden, pg. 60

Why are you surprised Ry?” Cali asked. “Did you see the breasts on the woman? I mean, jeez, talk about a handful. – Warden, pg. 68

You haven’t had the privilege of seeing him when he’s around our warden here. I think all of his blood settles in his giant rig Max just described and his brain finds it impossible to function at an adult level. – Warden, pg. 184

That’s because he’s been in a state of constant arousal since he met you. A chronic stiffy is bound to make any man a little cranky. – Warden, pg. 242