Name: Beyden
Status: Paladin
Domain: Beast
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’4
Eye colour: Amber
Hair colour: Brown, long
Age: 42
Nationality: Spanish
Nickname: Bey
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Born in Spain, Beyden is the second youngest paladin in the camp, but also one of the tallest. He has never been in any Order as he was deemed unfit. He is the sweetheart of the group, is a vegetarian, and is a wine connoisseur. He is also a very fine dancer! Although, he is absolutely lethal in combat, he would have been quite content to never fight a day in his life.

Duh? Did you just say duh? … Did she just say duh? – Warden, pg. 31

Jeez, Max. Paladins don’t go around wiping … you know. – Warden, pg. 108

Why are you mad? Did you get your period? – Warden, pg. 124

He’s wooing you. – Warden, pg. 243

Holy shit! … You’re not seeing auras. – Warden, pg. 277