Name: Axel Brim
Status: Paladin
Domain: Fire
Order: Aurora
Liege: Max
Height: 6’3
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blond (dirty)
Age: 118
Nationality: Australian
Nickname: Axe
Significant other: Spoiler!
Background: Born in Australia, Axel trained at the Lodge where he now works until he was bound to his first liege in the Order of Brimstone. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Axel was forced to leave his first Order. He plays the piano with the skill of a true artist and is cocky, irreverent, rebellious and a shameless flirt.

I like you … I like her. – Warden, pg. 19

Um, are we all just going to pretend we didn’t hear her call Sir Darius here, ‘Dude’? – Warden, pg. 28

I mean shit, Ry. She’s a fucking warden. What were you thinking? – Warden, pg. 120

Babe, if I was going to jump back on the wagon for anyone, it would be you. But that part of my life is over. I’m sorry. – Warden, pg. 141

Isn’t it obvious? We all heard the cyclone going on in his room … He fucked her. – Warden, pg. 188

Ryker’s a prick! He’s pig-headed, opinionated, sarcastic and violent. – Warden, pg. 242