Elemental Paladins: Book One

Rejection. Redemption. Sarcasm. Steam.

Max is different. She has a strange affinity with nature and powers no human should possess, let alone wield. No memory means she has no idea who – or what – she is. Creatures stalk her every step, their relentless pursuit driving her to the brink of exhaustion. Stumbling upon a bunch of magical, modern-day knights seems too good to be true, but her instincts tell her she can trust them. Too bad their sinfully hot Captain is a growly, insensitive, alphahole who insults her – and worse, rejects her – every time he opens his gorgeous mouth.

Ryker is a paladin. A knight born to protect the guardians of nature. Once, he was defined by honour, courage, and loyalty. But no more. He abandoned everything he stood for, resulting in the angry, brooding man he is today. But when a mouthy, beautiful Warden shows up on his doorstep, vulnerable yet strong, Ryker begins to feel something he thought he never would again. Hope. He knows if he can’t forgive himself for past mistakes, he will end up making new ones. And this time, it’s Max who will pay the price.

With redemption being hard to come by for a scarred warrior, and love between a paladin and their charge forbidden, will Max ever get the one thing she has always craved? A home.