The Elemental Collective: Volume One

An Elemental Paladins Spin-Off Series

Fun. Fantasy. Lust. Love.

Your favourite characters from the Elemental Paladins series return in The Elemental Collective: Volume One. This collection is filled with novellas and short stories featuring some of the characters you’ve been dying to hear more about – as well as your old favourites, including Mordecai and Dana, Knox and Dawn, and Max, Ryker, and their newest addition.


Mordecai has felt eyes watching him for years – and at the most inappropriate times! When he learns Dana – the Great Mother – has been lurking around, he realises it is the Goddess spying on him. But he can’t seem to figure out why. He thinks it has to do with their daughter, Max, but is that the whole truth? And what’s more, does he want it to be?

Dana is sick of being the good little Goddess who sits and watches her creations flounder from afar. But she is bound by rules not of her making. She already broke them once when she slept with the Death Warden and created the miracle that is their daughter. What is she willing to sacrifice to make her dreams come true this time?


Knox has been blessed with a second chance at life. Once a warden, he became a chade after succumbing to the dark voices in his head. Now reunited with his triplet sons, he has a new lease on life. And when he is tasked to work closely with Dawn, he realises he may also have a new lease on love.

As one of the only female Life Wardens in the world, Dawn feels the heavy weight of responsibility with every breath. She has only ever wanted to be seen for the woman she is – not the role she must play. As she settles into her new job on the International Domain Council, she begins to think her luck might just be changing.


Max is happy and more than a little relieved to see her society making strides after the corruption, prejudice, infections and battles that afflicted it for years. She has been blessed with a wonderful family – and more importantly – her man and the precious new life she carries. When Ryker surprises her with a holiday, she is thrilled to have some alone time with her baby-daddy. But will their unborn daughter derail their romantic plans?

Ryker is paladin, born to protect and serve. Sure, he’s mellowed ever since he fell in love with Max, but he’s still a surly, overprotective warrior. What does he know about delivering a baby – his baby?! Well, it looks like he’s about to find out when his daughter decides to make her unscheduled arrival in the world.