Elemental Paladins: Book Three

Redemption. Lust. Taboo.

Cali’s easy-going, slightly cynical façade hides a scarred woman who yearns to be accepted. She doesn’t have time to for a pity party though, because the arrival of her new liege, Max, has sparked controversy within their society. For some, the looming, inevitable changes instill fear and suspicion. For Cali, they are a blessing because she is finally free to be herself; a knight, a woman … a lover. But when she meets a sexy, intriguing stranger for a single night of passion, she never could have predicted the consequences. For her mysterious stranger hides a dark secret and could be the key to solving one of society’s most shameful mysteries.

Once one of the most noble and famous members of warden society, Dex’s fall from grace decades ago has left its mark on the once proud warrior. Years of torture and self-imposed exile have left him with no friends, no family, and a menacing predator haunting his every step. One night of spontaneous desire with the woman of his dreams leads to his possible redemption – but also to his possible death. Will old loyalties and new hopes be enough to save him? Or is his soul lost forever?