Forbidden Series: Forbidden Hex

Having found love and purpose in the strong, sexy arms of a fireman vampire, a paramedic hybrid, and a werewolf cop, Maeve has fallen into a comfortable rhythm of companionable days and lust-filled nights. Now that she feels so safe, Maeve is excited to celebrate her first real Halloween. The only problem is that Bishop – her gruff and ruggedly handsome werewolf cop – hates the spooky holiday. To make matters worse, a naked homeless man brought into his precinct hexes him, insisting he find the real spirit of the holiday.

Even though he doesn’t believe in hexes, Bishop’s luck takes an abrupt nosedive and even adorable woodland creatures are suddenly out to get him. Can Maeve, Lucian, and Gabe work with Bishop to reverse the hex so Maeve can enjoy Halloween with her three lovers? Or will Bishop’s luck finally run out?

Please note: Forbidden Hex is technically Book 1.5 in The Forbidden series. It is a fun short story featuring plenty of steam, vampires feeding, werewolves getting wolfy, and an evil squirrel.

Here’s a little taste..

Maeve wrenched open the door, the hinges barely surviving the violent movement, only to be brought up short by the scene in front of her. 
There was Bishop, in all his shifted werewolf glory, bronze fur bristled high as he growled with menace at … 
“Is that a squirrel?” 
Lucian’s voice spun her around and she saw he was leaning casually against the doorframe, eating a bowl of cereal. Maeve opened and closed her mouth, unsure what to say. Because her lover was indeed in some strange standoff with a small, furry animal. One, who instead of running in fear from the enormous apex predator, was standing on its hind legs reprimanding the angry wolf. 
“And I thought dying and turning into a mythical creature was the weirdest thing I would ever see,” she murmured, unable to take her gaze from the tableau in front of her. 
Bishop again rumbled deep in his throat and this time Maeve noticed the slight arching of his back and bunching shoulders – both indicators he might be about to pounce. Feeling a surge of protective panic, she moved at a speed only a hybrid could be capable of, positioning herself as bodyguard. 
“Fun-sponge,” Lucian smirked around a mouthful of cereal. “This was just about to get interesting; breakfast and a show.”
“Interesting?” Maeve was aghast. “Letting Bishop attack a defenceless little forest creature is considered interesting to you?”
“He wouldn’t hurt it … I don’t think.”