Opposites Attract. Age Gap. Hurt. Comfort.

With the battle against the chades over, and the evil at the centre of their world eliminated, balance has finally been restored to nature. Too bad the same can’t be said for their society.

Beyden is trying to support his fellow paladins as they work to restore order after the upheaval caused by the Revolution. But with his leg injured beyond repair and pain his constant companion, Beyden is struggling with his new reality. Max, the one person in the world who could possibly help him, is drowning in her own problems. So Beyden turns to someone he never thought he would need; a human.

Jasminka is used to being the odd one out. The only child of wealthy, stoic parents who demanded nothing short of perfection, she never really fit in anywhere. But being the only human in a magical society of elemental beings and modern-day knights is perhaps taking things a little too far. So why does she feel so at home? Could it be the crazy self-made family, filled with love, laughter, and strays? Or perhaps it’s the gentle giant with the pain-filled, amber eyes? Either way, as a doctor, Jasminka is determined to heal all their hurts … and just maybe, be healed in return.

Here’s a little taste..

Beyden’s grin rivalled the brightness of the sun, and he whooped, picking her up and spinning her around. She giggled, finding his newly reinforced body a relief as well as a huge turn-on. Still, it was important that he understood something. “It wouldn’t have mattered. If you walked with a limp forever, if you could never fight in another world-saving battle ever again. It wouldn’t have mattered. I would have loved you anyway.”

Beyden growled, placing her on her feet again. “You better stop being so perfect.”

She grinned. “Or what?”

“Or I’m going to pick you up, hike up that pretty dress of yours, and bend you over the nearest flat surface,” Beyden whispered the erotic words against the shell of her ear before giving it a slight nip.

Jazz shuddered, tilting her head to encourage more of the same treatment. “And that’s supposed to deter me?”

Bey placed a series of soft kisses down her neck. “It should. We have company.”

“What?” she squeaked, jumping out of her lover’s arms. Spinning around, she saw two pairs of eyes watching her avidly and two furry heads canted sideways in curiosity. “Oh, hell no! There will be no furry voyeurs here. Don’t think I don’t know what goes on in those tiny brains of yours. Max filled me in on just how much you comprehend. Especially you, Zombie.” Jazz shook her finger at him in mock outrage. “Tricksy doggy. Playing matchmaker.”

Zombie and Angel looked entirely unrepentant, and Beyden’s exuberant laugh did nothing to aid the seriousness of her lecture.

“How about we go tell the gang that you forgave my sorry butt, so they stop wanting to kick it into next week?” he suggested.