Ivory’s Familiars

A trio of shapeshifting bodyguards walk into a bar …

When gifts from a secret admirer take a sinister turn, pub owner, Ivory, hires private security. She was expecting a professional, competent bodyguard. Instead, she got a trio of sexy predators.

It’s too much like the start of a bad porno for her liking, but her bestie is an enabler. And before Ivory knows what hit her, she’s flirting with not one but three men.

Her instincts urge her to trust Vaughn, Ronan, and Seth. But her head warns her to be cautious. Because one tiny slip could expose her to more than just a dangerous stalker. It could reveal the secret she hides deep inside.

The secret of the witch.

Here’s a little taste..

Two days later, Ivory had to force her eyes from straying in the direction of her three new housemates. They were currently flanking the door like buff sentinels in jeans, plain tees, and military boots. She wanted to use them all like a scratching post. After the explosive kiss she had shared with Vaughn, she expected things to become uncomfortable. But dinner with the three of them the evening before was surprisingly easy, with them all sharing embarrassing stories about each other. It was as funny as it was enlightening. She spent the past couple of nights pondering her current situation, and whether or not she should take them up on their offer and get her flirt on.


Ivory jerked, spinning to find Libby standing directly behind her. Libby just had four rostered days off in a row, and Ivory had seen it as a blessing. Having Libby and her mouth spouting off every damn thing that popped into her head would have been an absolute nightmare to contain. Looking at her cool-blue eyes that were lit with humour but also cheekiness, Ivory decided to play dumb. Admit nothing, Ivory. “Well, what?” she asked, feigning ignorance.

Libby rolled her eyes. “Don’t be obtuse, Ivory. The Three Musketeers have been sleeping at your place for a week now. Have there been any . . . sword fights?” She waggled her eyebrows outrageously.

Ivory burst out laughing. “You’re terrible!”

Libby shrugged, unrepentant. “That’s why you love me.”

Ivory smiled at her closest friend. She did indeed love her, and Libby was also very smart and supportive – when that evil tongue of hers didn’t get in the way. Maybe she could help her figure out the conundrum that was three delicious bodyguards. Possibly talk her out of her insane fantasies and the urgings for the men. She sighed. “There were no sword fights – none that involved me, anyway.”

“Why the hell not? Those men are absolutely gorgeous, and it’s clear you still all have some chemistry. If even one of them looked at me like all of them look at you, I’d have had them branded and caged by now. Libby’s love slaves for all eternity.”

Ivory chuckled at her exuberant friend. “Well, that’s one of the obvious problems, isn’t it? There are three of them, three!

Libby merely sighed, gazing poignantly off into the distance for a moment. “I know.” She looked back at Ivory. “Ain’t it grand?”

Goodness, yes! She responded silently. It was indeed very grand, but she couldn’t admit that out loud. “It’s not exactly the done thing, Lib. I can’t just get it on with three men at the same time.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Come on, Lib. Be serious,” she said. She had been hoping her friend would talk her down off the cliff. Instead, it seemed like she wanted to push her off! She should have known better.

“I am serious. Why does it matter if there are three of them?” she demanded. “The more the merrier, I say.”

Ivory snorted. “Yeah, you say. But society doesn’t say that. If I slept with all of them at the same time, I’d be a slut.”

“Who gives a fuck what society thinks? And you are so far from a slut, it’s laughable. Besides, if I’m not mistaken, those boys are already in a relationship. Do you think they’re sluts?”

“Of course not!” she responded, immediately defending them. “They’re in a committed relationship – a loving one from what I’ve seen. They’re happy and not hurting anyone. I’d never put a negative label on that kind of love.”

“Uh huh.” Libby nodded, looking all smug.

Damn. She had just successfully torpedoed her own argument.