Fate. War. Love.  Lust.

Max has finally found everything she never dared dream of. Family, friends, and love with a man who does terrifying things to her independence. She has more to lose than ever before. With lines being drawn in the sand and sides being chosen, the future from her nightmares seems set in motion. Max is terrified, she feels the weight of her found-family’s lives on her shoulders. But she’s also resolute, because she’s calling do-over on their entire society!

Ryker had been a miserable bastard for years before Max barged into his life and turned his whole world upside down. Months ago, she arrived and offered him everything he swore he would never want or need. And now there was no denying he was blissfully whipped. But who would have thought that winning Max’s heart wasn’t the real fight?

With the rot at the centre of their society uncovered and the hidden threat identified, Max and Ryker must unite all citizens – wardens, paladins, rangers, and chades – if they are to defeat their common enemy. But with a Goddess on their side, how hard can it be?

Here’s a little taste..

Ryker stopped just before the lapping waves met his bare toes. “You expect me to follow you in there? Are you crazy, woman? That water is freezing!” And it very nearly was. It was mid-year and winter was fast approaching. The water on the South Coast of Australia at that time of year was wickedly cold.

“Freezing?” Max shrugged, a feminine smile playing around her mouth. “It feels fine to me.”

Ryker frowned and walked the final couple of steps to the ocean’s edge. Bending down, he placed a hand in the salty water only to find it almost as warm as bath water. Shaking his head, he looked up to see his woman eyeing him smugly – and expectantly. It was obvious she was using her power over the element of fire to heat the water. Although his own coat of arms was not writhing with power, there was a low-level hum running through it. He knew that Axel’s brand, on the other hand, would be another story as his liege tapped into the fire paladin’s element. He wanted to join his woman for a frolic in the warm waters – he really did. But peeling off wet cargo pants was never fun, and no way was he getting buck-arse naked in what amounted to his backyard. He wasn’t a prude, he assured himself. He just didn’t feel the need to flash more than his chest. Especially when he knew there were a bunch of incredibly pervy women with no appreciation for personal boundaries living in the house.

“But … water is wet.” He tried valiantly not to sound like he was whining.

Max rolled her eyes. “Trust me, babe. You’re not made of sugar; you won’t melt. And neither will your pants. But if it makes you feel better …” She waved a hand. Once. Just once.

Ryker felt his jaw open as he watched the ocean part, creating two walls of water on either side of Max and a sandy alleyway in the middle. Max was now standing literally on the bottom of the ocean and was completely dry as if she hadn’t been standing waist-deep in water just seconds before.

“Are you coming?” Max challenged.

Ryker took a hesitant step forward. He wouldn’t put it past the wily woman to bring the ocean crashing down over his ears. But his steps became more certain as he made his way to her. His feet sunk into the sand, the golden grains not feeling damp in the slightest, as if they hadn’t been covered by metres of ocean just moments before. It was devoid of critters, coral, and shells and felt soft as silk between his toes. When he was within arm’s reach of Max, he simply stopped, making no move to touch her. Another wave of Max’s hand had the water answering her command, and the space behind him filled with another wall of water. He was now officially in a cocoon of water, in the middle of the ocean with a goddess.

“Well? Is this private enough for you?” Max asked, gesturing around her.

Ryker looked around, seeing the winter sun beaming down on them from above, the four walls of water glinting like living glass around them. Max had used her powers on him before – both to play and when she was pissed off. But never to such a degree as this. His woman was powerful as fuck and could crush him with a thought. The knowledge had him hardening in seconds – her strength was a major turn-on.

“They’ll still know what we’re doing,” he pointed out, even as he snagged her waist between his hands.

“Do you care?” Max asked, arms winding around his neck.

He pulled her up to her tippy toes and felt their breath mingle. “Not in the slightest,” he answered before slamming his mouth down on hers.