Elemental Paladins: Book One


Max is different. She has a strange affinity with nature and powers no human should possess, let alone wield. No memory means she has no idea who – or what – she is. Creatures stalk her every step, their relentless pursuit driving her to the brink of exhaustion. Stumbling upon a bunch of magical, modern-day knights seems too good to be true, but her instincts tell her she can trust them. Too bad their sinfully hot Captain is a growly, insensitive, alphahole who insults her – and worse, rejects her – every time he opens his gorgeous mouth.

Ryker is a paladin. A knight born to protect the guardians of nature. Once, he was defined by honour, courage, and loyalty. But no more. He abandoned everything he stood for, resulting in the angry, brooding man he is today. But when a mouthy, beautiful Warden shows up on his doorstep, vulnerable yet strong, Ryker begins to feel something he thought he never would again. Hope. He knows if he can’t forgive himself for past mistakes, he will end up making new ones. And this time, it’s Max who will pay the price.

With redemption being hard to come by for a scarred warrior, and love between a paladin and their charge forbidden, will Max ever get the one thing she has always craved? A home.

Here’s a little taste ……


“You look like shit.” Wait, what? Max looked up only to find Ryker staring directly at her. Was he talking to her? “Are you talking to me?”

He nodded and drank down half a bottle of water in one swallow. “Yes. You look like shit.”

Max gasped in outrage. Although she didn’t fancy herself as particularly pretty, she still had enough feminine pride to feel insulted down to her bones. Ignoring the stunned, amused and resigned faces around the table she glared back.

“Well, you don’t exactly look …” She trailed off feebly as she took in his magnificent chest, chiselled jaw and midnight hair. Damn the man – he was absolutely perfect! Her stupid tongue wouldn’t let her form the lie so instead she went on the defensive.

“How do you know I look like shit? You only just met me! For all you know, this is just my face!” She continued, “And will you please put a shirt on? It’s hardly hygienic. I’m trying to eat here!”

Dark eyebrows arched over compelling brown eyes as he smirked and completely ignored her. “What happened to your lip?”

So arrogant! Max thought. She wanted to smack the arrogance right off his face … and then kiss him all better. What was it about this guy that pushed all her buttons? She’d sooner die than admit that to him of course so she answered sweetly, “Last night, when I went to bed, I thought of you as I pleasured myself. I sank my teeth into my lip in order to stifle my screams of ecstasy.” She turned to Axel who was grinning in appreciation. “I’m thoughtful like that.”

Snickers and good-natured ribbing followed. Although, Ryker didn’t seem to appreciate her particular brand of humour. Perhaps he had some sort of blunt object shoved up his arse? Maybe she would ask him about it one day. His narrowed gaze suggested that perhaps today was not that day.