There is no hope. There is no love. There is no mercy. There is but one grim certainty in Avium: going feral.

Long ago, the HUSH wars decimated the land, the oceans, and the human population. Wolf shifters now live a half-life, compensating for their lack of soulmates by ruling over the remaining humans with teeth and claws.

They know no mercy. No fear. And no home. There is no safe haven for those destined to descend into madness.

As mercenaries, Wulfric and Quill don’t give a fuck about the rules and seek comfort in each other’s arms.

But what if Haven wasn’t just a mythical place? What if Haven was a person? A human with deadly abilities and secrets that could change the future of the world – and their hearts..

Please note: Haven is long novella, and is MMF with MM as well as MF scenes.

Here’s a little taste..

“What are we doing?”

The whispered words from beside her had Haven jumping and stifling a scream with her hand. It was only her brain’s quick recognition of Landon’s voice that stopped her from shiving him in the gut with the knife she was carrying.

“Landon!” she half-whispered. “You scared the shit out of me! You’re lucky you’re not bleeding out right now!”

“Uh-huh, sure thing,” came Landon’s somewhat absent reply. He was too busy staring at the erotic display in the distance.

Haven raised her hand and slapped her best friend across the back of his head. “Quit it, you pervert!”

Landon turned his wide green eyes her way. “Oh, I’m the perve? You’re the one hiding in the bushes, watching two shifters fuck.”

Haven had enough decency in her to blush but couldn’t help glancing in Wulf and Quill’s direction once more. The two men were still at the foreplay stage, but that was hardly a detraction. Both were completely naked, standing knee-deep in the cool water of the spring. Masculine hands roamed lazily over sun-bronzed muscles even as their mouths fought each other for dominance.

But what drew her eyes like a magnet were the two truly magnificent examples of male anatomy. Haven literally felt her mouth water when Quill reached down and grasped both his and Wulf’s dicks in his hand and began leisurely stroking. Her head tilted to the side, and she jolted again when she realised Landon was mirroring her movement, also angling for a better view.

Haven smacked him again. “Stop staring at their dicks, or I’ll have to remove your eyes.”

Landon snorted. “Pfft. They are nice dicks, I’ll give you that. But Franklin’s is bigger.”

Haven studied the two lovers in front of her again, a light sweat breaking out over her forehead when she pictured the huge erections pushing into her willing body. They were incredibly well endowed. There was no way Franklin could beat them for size. “In your dreams.”

Landon smiled, a satisfied glint in his eyes. “Whatever you need to tell yourself. Seriously, when did you become a voyeur? Not that I don’t approve,” he tacked on.

“I’m not. I’m just …” Haven blew out a flustered breath. “I came to talk to them, but they were all naked and wet and …”

Hard?” Landon finished for her.

Haven giggled. “Right. Hard.” So deliciously hard, Haven added silently. “I got distracted.”

“Girl, I’m distracted too,” Landon told her, eyes glued to the scene in the distance.

“Stop ogling my mates!” Haven made an attempt to cover Landon’s eyes.