A goddess by design. An officer born with the powers of the mage. Together they must unite if they are to rise from the ashes of a shared betrayal.

When a psychotic High Priestess escapes prison, Caleb is tasked with finding a weapon that can defeat her. But the weapon isn’t a what. It’s a who. Phoenix is a beautiful, mouthy, bundle of raw magic, and nothing at all what he was expecting. The way his magic responds to hers is rare and hints at a deeper meaning. When the terrible truth is revealed – one of gods, war, and treachery – what will Caleb choose? His family, or his fate?

Being raised by a brotherhood of ninja monks had its perks, but Nix can’t help but feel like she’s missing something. Born with a magic both terrible and beautiful, she has worked hard to master her mysterious powers. When a mage-born officer seeks her out, there is an undeniable and immediate connection between them. Caleb offers her protection as well as answers. But will he help her rise? Or will he be her ultimate downfall?

Please note: Rise is a full length, standalone paranormal romance.

Here’s a little taste..

A whisper of sound to the right drew Caleb’s attention and he turned to find the most beautiful woman he had ever seen slowly making her way toward them. Her eyes, a swirl of colours that only a dull person would call hazel, met his across the room.

He stopped breathing. He literally stopped breathing.

He watched as her steps faltered, her head tipping ever so slightly to the side and a small frown marring the smoothness of her forehead as if she, too, was affected. No doubt that was wishful thinking on his part, he thought. Surely a goddess such as herself would have no interest in a mere man.

“Caleb … Caleb … Caleb!

The sound of his name being repeated finally snapped him out of his very unprofessional frozen state. He jolted and turned to his oldest brother. “Huh?” He immediately felt like banging his head against the lovely stonework of the walls. Articulate he was not. Likely because all my blood has journeyed south to help my dick get its freak on, his mind helpfully pointed out.

Keely and Jasper snickered whilst Orion frowned at him. Caleb shot a dark look at the annoying duo across from him before he straightened his spine. “Yes, Captain?” he answered formally. Too bad Orion didn’t follow suit.

“I was asking if you were having some kind of absent seizure. You’re drooling,” Orion said, pointing to Caleb’s chin.

Caleb snapped his mouth closed and wiped his chin like an idiot, only to find it dry. He cast a quick look in the direction of the beauty, relieved to see she was talking quietly with Remi. He then flicked a small burst of energy at Orion’s mouth, forcing it to open and go numb. The steady stream of saliva that proceeded to run down his brother’s chin was extremely satisfying.

Orion frantically swiped at the waterfall of drool, saying, “I’th gunna kull thou!”

Caleb burst into laughter, along with Keely and Jasper. It was a little hard to take his leader seriously when his tongue was also clearly numb, and his death threats were said through a heavy lisp. A giggle tinkled its way across the room, and Caleb spun back around to see Phoenix’s eyes shining above the hand she had placed over her mouth. The sound did something funny to his insides. He loved it, even though a large reason for it was likely at his expense.

“This is whom Gideon sends to protect the most precious treasure on the planet?” Remi’s deep voice boomed, his hand gesturing to them wildly.

“Oh, hush,” Phoenix said, smacking Remi on the arm. “At least they’re not boring.” Then she stepped forward, offering her hand. “Hi, I’m Nix.”

Caleb’s brain decided to fart epically, and he stared at the outstretched hand, unmoving.