Reluctant Royals: Book Two

Truth, Lies and Pointy Things.

Sabre is a fighter, not a lover. Her whole life has been about duty, violence, and death. It may have been a life she accepted reluctantly, but it’s a life she excelled at. So, becoming a girlfriend and having all her secrets revealed leaves her feeling unsettled and more than a little murdery. Luckily, her new mate is a king, a general, and a demon with a beast in his soul, so he can handle it. And her.

Brax has just discovered that the angst and the grief of the past year were mostly unnecessary. But at least his trip into Emo-ville led him to his sexily violent mate. He misses his army, and he resents his position as king, but with his huge to-do list, he doesn’t have time to sulk.

Together, with their ragtag family of a weretiger, a zombie, a pixie, a pain demon, and a guardian angel, they must uncover who is behind the conspiracy to eradicate the line of Cerberus. But first, they need to track down the master of Sabre’s assassin den, question him with lots of pointy things until he bleeds, and sever his contract. Oh, and they need to not get dead doing it.

Please note: Reluctant Assassin is not a standalone. It is book two in the Reluctant Royals series. For the best experience, the series should be read in order.

Here’s a little taste..

The clenching of Sabre’s internal muscles around his shaft reminded him of the reward he wanted to bestow on her, as well as the dare she had issued. He loved the position they were in, with her flat out on the bed and him covering her from head to toe. Her legs were spread just enough to accommodate his between them, but he was more squashed than anything. The added tightness that the position afforded him damn near caused his eyes to roll back into his skull. He raised up onto his hands to get some leverage and thrust into Sabre’s heated depths a few times. Her moans of pleasure assured him she was as into it as he was. But Brax knew it wasn’t sustainable, not when he wanted to pound her into the mattress. After one more sharp thrust of his hips, he rotated his pelvis in a circular motion, grinding down against her. She cursed and moved her head to the side, revealing her flushed cheeks and open, panting mouth.

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” he muttered, watching her eyelashes flutter. He pulled out, only to hike Sabre’s hips up before ramming back into her again. When she went to push herself up onto all fours, Brax placed his hand in the centre of her back, holding her down. “I thought I told you to hold onto the rails.” The look Sabre tossed him over her shoulder was smouldering. He knew he would likely pay for his bossiness later, but he had no doubt it would be worth it.

Sabre gripped the bedhead once more, ensuring her shoulders remained pressed to the mattress with that pretty little arse of hers in the perfect position for him to spank. The crack resounded in the room, only to be followed quickly by Sabre’s ragged moan. It was also accompanied by a curse and a low warning.

“Brax, you’re walking on thin ice,” Sabre informed him.

Brax smirked, feeling smug and more turned on than he probably had a right to. He knew Sabre wasn’t into BDSM, nor was he, not in a serious way. But they’d had fun discovering what each other liked best. Over the past week, Sabre had pretty much given him carte blanche to try anything in the bedroom. So he had. Sabre pretended to tolerate his playful spanks, but Brax knew it was a bit more than that.

The tight grip of her body and the flash of warm wetness he felt when he smacked her other cheek was proof enough of that. He loved seeing the rosy mark his hand left behind. In fact, he loved seeing all kinds of marks covering her naked body whenever they made love. Hickeys, claw indents, scratches, they were all proof that she belonged to him. Not only that he had claimed her in the most intimate, primal way, but also that she had allowed him to.

“I am one lucky bastard,” he murmured, rubbing his palms over her reddened arse.

“You sure are,” Sabre agreed. “Lucky I don’t flip you over and spank your arse like a bongo drum,” she then murmured, all the while trying to get some leverage to impale herself more.