Once Upon A Harem Series

Once Upon a Harem: Tink and the Lost Boys

A motorcycle club. Possessive mates. Archaic laws. And a fairy.

The Lost Boys are more than just a motorcycle club – they’re a family. The last of their kind, the seven male nymphs banded together as children, creating a business empire in the human town of Neverland. Four others complete their odd little family; a trio of human siblings, and Tink, one of the last fairies in existence.

Life as a fairy is complicated for Tink. She is governed by a set of archaic laws due to the enchanted blood flowing through her veins, and she is also able to produce pure magic in the form of fairy dust. But her biggest problem? Her wings sprinkle the glittery stuff whenever she is aroused. Given she lives with a bunch of intensely alluring nymphs, Tink is in a constant state of sparkle.

Trouble descends in Neverland in the form of rival gang, The Hooks. The satyrs are the natural born enemies of the nymphs, and when they ride into town seeking Tink and her precious magical blood for their own twisted agenda, Pan and his two lieutenants, Nate and Tao, must step up and claim Tink as their own. It’s hardly a chore – the three nymphs have been in love with the motorbike-riding fairy for years. But does the stubborn Tink feel the same way?

Please note: Tink is a full length standalone novel within the shared series Once Upon A Harem. There is no cliffhanger and no need to have read other books featured in the Once Upon A Harem series. It is a reverse harem/polyamorous book with MM as well as MF sexy times (MMMF).

Here’s a little taste..

Stupid, stupid, stupid!” Tink berated herself as she fled Club Darling. Dashing at her wet eyes, she completely ignored the concerned security guard – as well as her bike – as she practically ran down the dark streets.

What had she been thinking? Flirting the way she had … Tink shook her head, feeling her cheeks heat with mortification. Hadn’t Luca told her Pan had gone to the club to blow off steam? What had she expected? They were nymphs! Of course they were planning to have sex with a bunch of fae groupies. She didn’t even know why she’d lowered her guard in the first place. Maybe it was hearing Pan’s true feelings about the laws surrounding her guardianship and consorts. After the initial misunderstanding, his words had brought a flutter to her stomach and a warmth to her chest, and she’d had the idiotic notion that maybe he liked her. That maybe they all liked her.

“Stupid!” She berated herself once more, silently cursing Wendy and her blue fruity concoction. Yes, she thought, it was all Wendy’s fault!

Tink was so absorbed in plotting her friend’s demise, she didn’t realise just how far she had walked until the resounding silence finally penetrated her ears. Stopping and looking around, she realised she had marched herself right into the industrial estate of Neverland. The poorly-lit area was filled with warehouses, factories, and wrecking yards and was as depressing as it was dangerous. Some of the more sinister magical creatures made their homes amongst the twisted metal and pollution, including the vampires – which was just who she needed to run into that night!

Spinning on her booted feet, she began to quickly but quietly make her way back to the busier streets when a series of engine roars met her ears. Tink had a moment of relief, thinking the guys had come after her, before she realised the engines sounded completely wrong. Squinting against the bright headlights, she was unable to make out the figures straddling the four bikes as they came to a stop just metres in front of her. But their silhouettes appeared big. Really big.